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EcoForce recycled bag grips.

When considering the versatility of the peg in association with the unique moulding that we have perfected, a recycled bag grip seemed the logical next step.

Surely one of the most irritating things in a busy life is cleaning spilt peas from the bottom of the freezer or untying knotted plastic to get to whatever might be inside, let alone how best to pin up your negatives in the dark room.

Well these are issues no more. EcoForce recycled plastic bag grips can be used on almost any bag.

Recycled Bag Grips   EcoForce Freezer Bag Grips   Recycled Bag Grips

Almost unbreakable these handy grips are perfect to have around the house. Key features are:

  • Frost proof
  • No rust or stains
  • Easy to store
  • Dishwasher proof
  • Easy to use attach and detach
Buy Bag Grips Online
Recycled Freezer Grips

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