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EcoForce manufactures and supplies eco products that work – every day items made from recycled materials. These are “greener”, “more sustainable”, “more environmentally friendly” than the alternatives currently available made from virgin materials.

Not a day goes by in the western world without repeated reference to our environment and the effect we have on it.

We are urged to switch off, to conserve, to drive less, cycle more, convert energy, conserve energy, even create energy. Our kids come home telling us to turn the taps off whist brushing our teeth and take bottle tops into school.

Whatever our own thoughts, it is clear that the world is changing fast and whether we believe the news confronting us every day or not, there are some things that just make sense.

As people we make a lot of mess. If we can make something useful from that mess it must be a good thing. So if we can buy something that is “greener”, “more sustainable”, more “environmentally friendly” than the alternative, without compromising on quality or price, then surely there is no choice.

EcoForce is here to provide a sensible choice when it comes to buying every day products.

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